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Our Mission

The staff of the Center for Cognitive Technology conducts and analyzes interdisciplinary research on the role of new technology in the development of advanced expertise and performance motivation.

Our mission is to improve learning, assessment, and motivation in diverse settings.

Our task is to conduct studies and translate research and “best practice” into a technology-based application framework.

Our goal is to support the development of equitable, effective and efficient programs that enhance instruction and improve performance for individuals and groups in a variety of settings.

The theme of the Center is the translation of cognitive learning and motivation research into practice as a way to solve many of the most difficult performance problems encountered in work and school settings.

Our interest in technology is twofold: First, we view technology in its most general sense as the application of science and best practice to solving practical problems; and second, we are optimistic about the potential for a combination of cognitively-based pedagogies combined with new communication and computing technologies to deliver significant performance improvement in an equitable and cost effective manner.

Drs. Richard Clark and Allen Munro, Co-directors of the Center, talk about ongoing research and projects at CCT during a recent Rossier School "brown bag lunch" meeting. Watch the You Tube video.